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New Feature: Assignees

Introducing a handy new feature on Pandaform:  Assignees!  This new feature will enable you to assign any submission to your coworkers for further actions!

I enjoyed using Pandaform as a one-stop service for our event registration platform.  However, when it comes to some of our major conferences with rather considerable numbers of attendees, there are usually tasks that need to be done by more than one staff member, and some tasks are specific to one certain staff member.  This, to me, has been an issue for a long time.

With this new feature, you can now simply invite coworkers to your form, and then assign an entry to one or more of them to proceed to the next step of actions.  This can be done right on the entry page with one click!  Once an assignee completes a task, they can then assign another new task to others based on what is needed.  You can take further advantage of this new feature by setting up the Process function.  With this advanced function activated, once an assignee completes a task, the entry will be automatically passed to the next assignee for further action.

Let’s take a look:

Simply go to form’s submissions and add assignees on the right side panel.

Wine Order Form - PandaForm 1Wine Order Form - PandaForm 2Wine Order Form - PandaForm 3


All submissions assigned to you will appear on the this tab.

My Entries - PandaForm 1



[Advanced] Automate assigning by setting up the Process function under the Settings tab. 

Form Management » Wine Order Form » Edit Form - PandaForm 1Form Management » Wine Order Form » Edit Form - PandaForm 2


Inspired yet?  Experiment on your own forms. Head over to Form  Any Entry Assignees and start to assign tasks, or go to Form Setting Process  to automate your own assigning process as you want.

Manage Your Contacts With Pandaform

PandaForm has just brought you some new features in Contact List that allow you to manage your forms and clients easier than ever before!

I love using Pandaform to manage all my order forms, it’s simple yet powerful. However, when it comes to businesses that have multiple products, managing all my customers’ information manually by checking each forms every time is not.

With our new Contacts feature, PandaForm will help you organize all your clients’ entries and give a centralized contact index for you to quickly index historical remarks track down special issues.

Let’s start to play with it!

#1 Go to “Contacts” in navigation bar, here’s where all your contacts will be listed out.

Contacts - PandaForm copy


#2 Click on a contact to view & edit details of all forms submitted by that person. 

Contacts » Anthony Benoit - PandaForm copy


#3 Go to your form and click on any entry to see the submitter’s profile and make remarks on special issues (e.g. outstanding loans, default in payment, customer’s preference).

Form Management - PandaForm copy Wine Order Form - PandaForm copy Wine Order Form 2 - PandaForm copy



There are many other ways to make use of this feature to help you manage and organize your clients’ information in different businesses and events.

What we love is that this feature – and all the recent and future updates – are born of your feedback. You help us shape a better future of Pandaform! So, open your pandaform and try it now – drop us a line and let us know what you think :)


Pandaform’s New Feature: Save as Draft

Here are 3 frustrating scenes that can happen to your clients when they are doing form entry:
1. They are bothered by other important matters.
2. They don’t have enough time to complete it.
3. They don’t have sufficient information to fill in some fields.

When these above unfortunately occur, your clients will have to spend more time to refill the form and get back the details they had filled.

But now comes the new “Save as Draft” feature of Pandaform, which can help your clients kick out these worries. Equipped with it, your clients can save the incomplete form as draft whenever they need, and there will be a direct link for them to access the saved form again and continue their work.

Steps to Initiate “Save as Draft”

To help them get rid of such suffering, just simple clicks are needed:
Step #1 Go to Settings of the form.


Step #2 In General section, check “Allow forms to save as draft”.
(You can also change the button label as well as the messages shown.)


Step #3 Save the form.
Step #4 And don’t forget to click Publish to publish the your saved form.


Then we are done.

Clients’ View

When your clients go to the actual form for data entry, they will see a “Save as draft” button at the bottom right next to the “Submit”.


If they save the form as a draft, they will get a direct link of the saved form for them to view, edit or submit it later. What’s more, they can copy or email the link for backup, or to other people also.


Whenever your clients like, they can continue to fill in the draft form via the access link.


Your View

Apart from your clients, you are also able to view the draft form as well. Go to the entries panel, and you will see the record with the status marked as Draft.


You can also have a look at a particular draft form as well.


Simple and easy, right?

Last but not least, there are other ways to take advantage of this feature. Not only can it materialize cooperation with others to finish different parts of the form, it can also allow people to confirm the details of the form before submission. Think of other examples? Share with us!

Rankgeek Uses Web-based PandaForm to Organize and Centralize Client Data

(If you missed our first interview with SVhk, check it here, and see how PandaForm organizes idea submissions for Asia Social Innovation Award.)

Here comes our second customer story: an SEO company use PandaForm to collect client data. We’re glad to have Shivam with us, and talk bout how they run an SEO business and how PandaForm assists.

Vanessa: Hi, Shivam, nice to meet you. Could you give us a short introduction your company?

螢幕快照 2013-03-07 下午06.07.41

Shivam: Hi, Vanessa. We own a group of SEO websites – (which primarily picks up outsourced SEO work from consultants and agencies), (Customized SEO platform – we’re redoing the site, and it should be up next week), and (which is a platform on which we bring together our newest SEO offerings and have a high level of detail in reporting and research). We’ve been in the realm of SEO for close to 5 years now, and have an internal team of over 100 writers and 20 techies who specialize in various areas of Search marketing. We’re headquartered in India with offshore teams in the USA, Philippines, Pakistan, and Romania.

Vanessa: Why do you use PandaForm? What do you use it for?

Shivam: We were looking for a solution to conveniently collect client data. We were using a server-based solution earlier and wanted to move to a web-based one, when we came across Pandaform. Currently at use on and a couple of other client sites, we plan to integrate all of our sales processes through Pandaform once you have logic-enabled forms active!

Vanessa: How did you handle that work before using Pandaform? Does PandaForm help?

Shivam: We had a combination of form plugins on WordPress, and a Jetpack based WordPress solution earlier. Pandaform, being accessible online, allows us to make maintenance on our servers without needing to lose out on sales. The ability to make changes on the form without touching the site’s backend allows us to keep tweaking to make our forms better. And the best part is that the data is all available online.

Vanessa: Last but not least, share us some insights of SEO business? And what makes your company outstanding?

螢幕快照 2013-03-07 下午06.18.25

Shivam: Online businesses of today are at a phase where instant client engagement and rock-solid processes are being taken for granted by customers. No client would wait for a couple of days for a response, and would immediately walk away if he sees that the business isn’t backed up by a process that is verifiable at every phase. And with micro-task websites becoming immensely popular, getting a client to pick out a customized solution in the field of SEO has become tougher than before. But that said, a client would anyday pay a premium if he sees that the money is being put to good use and that the deliverables are being met / exceeded. That is what we focus on in our companies. To make sure that we always offer the best to our customers and maximize the return on their investment with us, we have a full-time research team which keeps experimenting with newer ways of optimizing a client website.

We believe in investing in tools, and that is one more value add-on we offer to customers – reports of all kinds included in their SEO package so they can just focus on sales. We invest on our staff and have constant training and mentorship at work. We don’t believe in outsourcing core operations, and that shows up in the results we generate. All said, the world of online business is at an exciting juncture – with mobile, app, and cloud technologies juxtaposing onto core processes. Exciting times lie ahead!

Let’s thank Shivam for sharing. How about you? Do you have any experience that you’re itch to share with us? Don’t hesitate, just drop me a line!

Online Submission System Helps Social Ventures HK to Establish an Award

We’ve talked a lot about our product and the team behind PandaForm. I think it’s a perfect time to let you know some of our clients and their amazing work!

Vanessa form PandaForm (Vanessa): Hi, could you give our readers a short introduction of you and your company?

螢幕快照 2013-02-28 下午01.00.41

Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk): We are a non-profit organisation based in Hong Kong called Social Ventures Hong Kong. We are a venture philanthropic organisation that provides financial and non-financial support to social purpose organisations and social enterprises in Hong Kong. We have incubated a number of flagship social enterprises such as the Diamond Cab, Dialogue in the Dark, Green Monday, Light Be.

Vanessa: Cool! So what do you usually use PandaForm for?

SVhk: We use PandaForm to support the idea submission system of the Asia Social Innovation Award. The Award encourages the general public to think about innovative solutions to solving social issues (such as an aging population, poverty and social inclusion) common in Asian cities by submitting a 250-500 words idea via an online submission form.

螢幕快照 2013-02-28 下午12.47.32

Vanessa: How did you handle the submission before using PandaForm? What changes does PandaForm bring?

SVhk: We used to use a simple PHP mailer form to collect submissions. Each submission will generate an email at a designated email account and we will have to go through each of the email to extract the personal details and submitted idea and copy them into a spreadsheet. The whole process is rather labour-intensive and time consuming.

With PandaForm, the data submitted via the online form goes directly into a spreadsheet-like database where we can easily sort the submission by country. PandaForm also allows us to set a cut-off time for submission collection so we won’t have to manually take down the submission form immediately after the deadline. PandaForm also allows us to generate an automatic confirmation email acknowledging the receipt of a submission giving our participants’ confidence that their hard work is well received.

螢幕快照 2013-02-28 下午12.53.21

Vanessa: Do you mind sharing with us some insights of how to run a successful business/organization?

SVhk: Don’t be afraid to think big by solving problems unconventionally. The only limit is yourself.

Thanks to Social Ventures Hong Kong for sharing the stories of using PandaForm with us. If you are PandaForm users, and want to be featured on our blog, please contact for more information. We are expecting your participation!

PandaForm Optimized the Mobile View

To improve the user experience of viewing and filling in forms on mobile, PandaForm optimized the existing CSS theme.

A simple comparison will show you the difference.

Before: Characters are too small to read. Typing in the blanks is not convenient.

After: Characters are clear and in proper size. All blanks perfectly fit in the mobile screen.

The better mobile view can help you to gain more results when you are conducting a survey. For instance, someone who received a questionnaire on mobile is not likely to reopen the link when he’s with a computer. It’s not wise to lose this group of respondents, especially when more and more people rely on mobile device to browse Internet and check emails. Another case is on site survey. You can share the form with short URL and let others complete the form using their own mobiles immediately.

Systematize Your Sales Lead Tracking With PandaForm

Making a sale is the lifeblood of every business. In fact, the sales process is one of the most important things to manage if you are serious about running a successful business. This entails activities such as looking for potential clients, qualifying these leads, making contact with the prospects, and negotiating for a sale.

Without a system for sales lead tracking, this would be a very difficult process to follow. Smart business owners use sales lead tracking software to organize the system. PandaForm is a possible tool that you could use for this.

Systematize Your Sales Lead Tracking With PandaForm

PandaForm was designed as a comprehensive online form builder so that small-to-medium sized businesses would have an easy time with the different kinds of forms that are needed, including those for sales lead tracking. Here is what you can do with PandaForm as a Sales Lead Tracking form:

  • Consolidate all information on the sales process
  • Monitor your progress on every sales opportunity
  • Review your sales leads within a single PandaForm screen
  • Read comments and messages from your sales team
  • Get email alerts for every change of status of your sales leads
  • Cut potential issues in the bud before you lose your prospects

How To Create A Sales Lead Tracking Form

To use PandaForm as your Sales Lead Tracking Form, you can layout your form with section breaks, using the Add Fields feature of the app to place in the details necessary for the form you are creating. Here are some of the fields that you could place in your sales lead tracking form:

  • The date of contact with your sales lead
  • How you made contact (whether via phone, email, or in person)
  • The source of your initial contact (whether at a trade fair, a forum, through a referral, or via online advertising)
  • The name of your staff who did the follow up on this particular sales lead

Section Break: Information On Prospective Customer

After this section, you could make a section break, give this another label, and add more fields detailing information on the prospective customer. Here are the fields you could add for the section prospective customers:

  • Name
  • Company/Organization
  • Contact details (phone number, address, email)
  • Products/services he is interested in
  • Number of times in contact
  • Deal closed on (y/m/d)

The Status Feature

Another great thing about PandaForm is the Status feature. You could actually set the Status of each of your sales leads, This makes it easy to manage everything because with this feature, you can keep close track of each of your leads, and be informed of changes in status through the Notifications feature.

Here are the statuses you could add to your Sales Lead Tracking Form:

  • Lead. Someone who is a potential customer, based on your target customer demographics.
  • Qualified Lead. Leads who show interest in your offer.
  • Deal Closed. For leads who have already bought.
  • Deal Lost. For leads who have decided not to buy.
  • Follow-up. If the lead is undecided or hasn’t committed to a decision and requires a follow-up.

By following the steps above, you can turn PandaForm into a sales machine that helps your people go through the sales product more efficiently.

How to Use PandaForm for Processing Sales Orders

Do you have a product to sell? Are you wondering how to go about managing your orders? With PandaForm, it is easy to process online sales orders! Just use this application form builder as your customer order form and see how effortless and uncomplicated sales order processing becomes.

PandaForm is designed for small-to-medium sized business owners. It is a simple but comprehensive online professional form builder and manager. This tool will help you create your forms and then track and process all sorts of data to keep your business running smoothly.

Here is what you can do with PandaForm:

  • Put your data within a centralized database
  • Configure the app so that the data can be accessed by the people who are in charge of processing these sales orders
  • Control the settings within PandaForm so that you receive email notifications every time you get a new order

Using PandaForm for Online Sales Orders

Step #1: Creating Your Customer Order Form

First of all, you need to create your form. Here I placed the form title: Customer Order Form.

Next, add your fields. Choose the ones that are necessary to your order form such as Name and Email. You can also create an Address field or a Company Name field by editing the label of the Single Line Field. For other details that you might want to include about customers and their order, you could use the Paragraph Text for additional data input.

With the Layout Elements feature in the Field section of PandaForm, you could choose to place a Section Break on your sales order form. You could then title it Order Details, or Order Information. Under this section break is where you could input data such as the name of the product, the quantity of the order, and then price.

Step #2: Setting The Order Status In PandaForm

It is quite easy to set the statuses you will need to keep track of your orders through PandaForm’s Settings feature. Just go to Settings at the upper right of the form and go ahead and click it. This will take you to the page where you can choose from among these functions: General, Notification, Payment, User Permission, and Process. Go to Process and then click On.

Once this feature is turned on, you can input the statuses you need to track your orders. Suggestions for order form statuses are the following:

  • new order,
  • received,
  • processed,
  • shipped,
  • and returned.

After setting the status, you can now go to Notifications to set up email notifications for every new order your company gets.

By using PandaForm for your online sales order form, you and your staff will be promptly informed of any data in your company involving sales. You will never miss an order. PandaForm helps you to avoid making costly mistakes in sales order processing.

Click here to try it for free!

Why Your Business Should Host an Event (And How to Run it Smoothly)

Many businesses are taking advantage of the potential of event hosting in promoting their business. Companies across different industries, from finance to health care to technology, are hosting a variety of events in different venues. Many of these events are recurring, sometimes happening annually or twice a year.

As a small business owner, you might think that events only work for big businesses that have large budgets and manpower. Well, if these large companies are taking advantage of events as a means of marketing, then there’s no reason why small businesses shouldn’t.

Your first event doesn’t have to be a lavish affair with hundreds of attendees and dozens of speakers. You can always start with a small crowd with as few as 20 people.

But why host an event in the first place? Here are a few reasons:


Hosting an event is a great opportunity for your business to gain exposure, especially to local potential customers. Because your company’s name will be associated with the event when you host, you can promote your business and market to your audience without overtly selling. The better the event you host, the more your company will be remembered.

Targeted Audience

When people attend events, it is because they are interested in the event itself. This is especially true if they have to pay a fee to participate. Surprisingly, paying for attendance does not deter people. In some cases, a paid event has an air of exclusivity, as if the activities and workshops are premium experiences that they would not be able to get for free. Guests who are willing to pay the price to attend an event often anticipate that their experience will be valuable or, at the very least, they are interested and curious about what you have to offer.

Since attendance is purely by choice, you know that participants are willing to hear or see your message. Brute force selling, on the other hand, is often unwanted and unwelcome

Better Customer Interaction

There is something that makes events marketing different from other forms of marketing. According to Karen Hartline, event manager of Mashable, “There’s something different about meeting face-to-face and having a conversation that’s not delayed or happening through Facebook messages or limited to 140 characters”.

This is true because suddenly you are surrounded by potential customers in such a short period of time and you have the opportunity to make a good impression on them at such close proximity.

You have the opportunity to mingle with customers and, in return, they can walk up to you and ask questions. You can really market to them directly. You can’t really do this with other traditional marketing tools such as TV, radio, print media and other forms of advertising, can you?

With events hosting, you can establish a relationship with customers on a more personal level. They get to see, touch, smell, or taste your products, and see the face behind the business.

As you can see, event hosting can have positive benefits for your business.  However, this doesn’t mean that every event is bound to go smoothly.

Here are tips for hosting a successful event:

a) Have an easy registration system in place.

It is important to have a good system for your events to run things smoothly, especially in the registration process where most of the legwork takes place. It is better to use an online tool such as PandaForm so that participants can have access to the registration form at their own convenience, without needing to drive down somewhere to register.

Also, choose an application tool that’s easy to use. Nothing better turns off a prospect than a hard-to-navigate tool. Here’s how to use PandaForm for event registration as an example.

b) Plan it for people who are part of your target customers.

Whether your purpose of hosting the event is to attract new customers or project a certain image, choose an event or a program that is relevant to your target market. If your target customers are freelancers, you might want to host a seminar on how to boost one’s freelance income or be a happy freelancer. Keep in mind that people would rather receive value and good information. After attending the event, be sure that they be walking away with something of value.

c) Capture the event in photos and videos.

These documentations are good for projecting a stronger impression of your business. They can come handy as social proof that you are involved with the community, that you are a real business interacting with real people/customers. If you can get quotes or video clips on their positive feedback about the event, you can post it on your website or social media accounts to entice attendees when you do a similar event.

Given the benefits of hosting an event, it’s a marketing technique that any business should definitely consider. Now, how would you like to host an event for your business?

How to Use PandaForm for Event Registration

Successful events run smoothly because of the people behind it, and the system that is used to run it. PandaForm can be your secret tool behind organizing a seminar, workshop, or conference. This online form builder is the perfect app for making the whole process of events management easier.

With Pandaform, you can:

  • Customize registration forms — choose your fields, upload your logo onto the form
  • Export data to Excel or Google spreadsheets– you won’t have to worry about collecting data, sifting through it all, and moving it from email to Excel file
  • Collect payment through an integrated Paypal gateway– an automatic payment feature in PandaForm allows participants to securely pay fees through credit card or Paypal
  • Send reminder and confirmation emails to registrants– providing that personal touch to your events is easily done with the click of a button
  • Limit the number of submissions for attendees– let your participants know that there are a limited number of seats
  • Set a deadline for registration– solve the problem of late registrations with this feature

Using PandaForm for event registration is easy. Here’s how:

First, you open PandaForm then click on Forms at the upper left side of the screen. This is what you will see:

To start with, you can type in your own Form name to replace “New Form 12.” Then there are a variety of fields to choose from on the right hand side of the screen. You can create and edit your form from here.

Basic Information

When you click on “Add Field,” the app will give you choices for editing the Basic Field, the Layout Elements, and the Advanced Field. Let’s start with the Basic Field for creating your Event Registration form.

Under Basic Field, you can choose from among a variety of fields: Single Line, Number, Name, Email, Paragraph Text, Checkbox, Drop Down Box, and Radio Button. All of these are useful for creating your online form. For instance:

In the Add Field tab, choose the Single Line field. Then go to the Field Settings tab. The form builder opens up to a window where you type in your preferred Label, Help Text, Field Size, and Default.

Here, I already placed my form name: Workshop Event Registration. The single line label has also been changed to Organization, which prompts the registrant to type in the organization they belong to.

You can change the field size to small, medium, or large. You can make this a required field. You can make it restricted so only the admin can access. You can do all these just by checking a box on the PandaForm app.

You can then move on to add another field for the next line in your form.

Workshops and Giveaways

Aside from getting the basic information that you will need from you registrants, PandaForm makes it easier to plan events with multiple talks or sessions. The participants can actually select the talks/sessions they want to attend in advance. You can also create a field for T-shirt size and other giveaway options. The process is basically the same when creating fields in PandaForm.


After creating your event registration form, PandaForm gives you the option to send notification emails, collect payments, send a confirmation message, limit the submissions, set a deadline, and use CAPTCHA on your forms. You can access all these under the Settings tab at the upper right side of the PandaForm screen. It is right beside the Edit Form tab.

Sending notifications to registrants

Here is what the Notification screen looks like, where you have the option to send confirmation emails:

Sending Files

You can use the Files option to collect photos or other files for quick creation and printing of ID cards for the event. In the Edit Form tab, click on Add Field. Scroll down to Advance Field. Choose File Field. Click and edit with Field Settings.

Collection of registration fees

And this is how you use PandaForm for convenient payment collection of registration fees:

At the Settings tab, choose the Payment option. You can select a merchant, choose your currency, assign prices, and fix other details of your event registration payment. It’s all there on the PandaForm app, with ready fields for you to fill up.

All you have to do next is click on Save and you’re ready to manage a successful event. You could then share or publish the event registration form you have created with the help of PandaForm.