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How to embed PandaForm in a Facebook Page?

Hi everyone! We just added a new Facebook FBML option in PandaForm to make it easier for you to integrate PandaForm in a facebook page.

Let’s say if you have a Facebook Fanpage, You can than click “Edit Page”.

Click “More Application” and search for “Static FBML”

Click Add to my Page on it.

And then copy the code under the publish tab of your PandaForm, and paste it into the edit page of the static FBML application.

Almost finish! Now go to Application Setting and click add as a tab to add the application into your page.

Now you will see the new tab at your fanpage, and a PandaForm is inside it as below.

We hope this new feature will be useful for you to publish and share your form.



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  • Hi, I’m trying to add ‘Static FBML’ into my FanPage but I can’t, when I go to ‘Static FBML’ the option, ‘add to my page’ simply doesn’t appear to me. Is this possible, do you have any restriction on country or regions?!Thanks

  • Well, this post is from 2010, has anything changed since then on the way you embed your app into a fan page

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